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  • Laff Trakk<sup>SM</sup><span> - Hersheypark, Pennsylvania</span>

    Laff TrakkSM – Hersheypark, Pennsylvania

    Raven Sun in partnership with Hersheypark is proud to announce the development of LaffTrakkSM.The first indoor, spinning, glow-coaster in the United States. Inspired by iconic Hersheypark Fun Houses, LaffTrakkSM , spins riders through an eye-popping adventure of sights and sounds complete with glimpses of colorful characters including classics like Laffing Sal plus an engaging hall of mirrors, house of cards, and more . Raven Sun's goal of re-creating the nostalgic Fun Houses of yesteryear with the latest in technology will be realized at Hersheypark in the summer of 2015.

  • Hengdian World Studios<span> - Dongyang City, China</span>

    Hengdian World Studios – Dongyang City, China

    Raven Sun has just completed conceptual design for 4 major immersive media dark rides and an epic stunt spectacular for Hengdian World Studios, the world’s largest film production site and leading movie producer in Asia. In addition to being the "Hollywood of China", Hengdian World Studios is home to 7 major theme parks, including full-scale movie set replicas of the Forbidden City, Qin Palace, and Old Guangzhou China.

  • Ultra Tower ™ <span>- An Immersive Media Drop Tower</span>

    Ultra Tower ™ – An Immersive Media Drop Tower

    Raven Sun in partnership with Intamin is proud to announce the development of the world’s first Immersive Media Drop Tower, Ultra Tower Patent Pending. Epic adventure awaits on this ground-breaking attraction where the thrills of space exploration, time travel, distant worlds, and aerial dog fights are all within easy reach. Incredible guest experiences, affordable cost, and small footprint make this attraction a must for every entertainment destination.

  • Saturn V<span> - A Complete Immersive Dark Ride Solution</span>

    Saturn V – A Complete Immersive Dark Ride Solution

    Raven Sun Creative and Maurer Söhne Present Saturn V. The Innovative Spinning Coaster/Dark Ride Makes the High Performance Immersive Attraction a Cost-Effective Alternative for Regional Destinations.

  • Dalian Wanda Group / Forrec Ltd Blue Sky Development

    Dalian Wanda Group / Forrec Ltd Blue Sky Development

    As Producer, Sr. Creative Director, and Project Manager for Forrec LTD, Louis Alfieri conceptualized, scripted, sketched, and budgeted 70 original attractions for the Dalian Wanda Group. Louis assembled and personally led the global team of industry peers to perform the Blue Sky phase for the final selected 7 attractions over 14 weeks.

  • Dalian Wanda Group / Forrec Ltd Schematic Development  

    Dalian Wanda Group / Forrec Ltd Schematic Development  

    Raven Sun assembled and managed the team who performed the Wanda Wuhan schematic design of the final 7 attractions selected from the Blue Sky Conceptual Phase. Raven Sun focused effort on Creative Direction and Project Management of the  5D Theater, Interactive Dark Ride, and Disaster Experience. Raven Sun worked in collaboration with over 30 vendors globally to perform Schematic Design of these complicated immersive attractions in a compressed 22 week time frame.  

  • Chinese Central Television (CCTV)

    Chinese Central Television (CCTV)

    Raven Sun collaborated with Chinese Central Television (CCTV) on the updated design for the Spring Festival Gala studio performance stage. Watched by over 900 million people annually, the Spring Festival Gala is the most viewed television program on earth and CCTV's most iconic project.

  • Transformers: The Ride-3D<span> - Universal Studios Singapore & Hollywood</span>

    Transformers: The Ride-3D – Universal Studios Singapore & Hollywood

    As Creative Director for Universal Creative, Louis Alfieri worked hand in hand with Hasbro, ILM, Michael Bay, and led the in-house Universal Creative team in design and fabrication of this Blockbuster attraction for Universal Studios Singapore and Universal Studios Hollywood.

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